About us: Team

If tell about us shortly, it looks like this:

SilkOffRoad – is motorcycle club which is organized in 2003 by few like-minded persons. 

To tell the truth, Silk off Road for us is not only motorcycle club. SilkOffRoad is our child which has been conceived in our windy heads on boundless roads of spacious Kazakhstan, born on wheels of our motorcycles and nursed by a huge experience and uncontrollable desire to travel.

Our team:

Sergey Borodin (Comandor)

He was born and grew up in a family of a hunter. Living far from civilization, he loved nature and has accustomed to the marching conditions from his childhood. After graduating the Naval Academy of St. Petersburg, he served in Russian Naval Infantry at the Pacific Navy, but after the USSR collapse he returned to his Motherland in Kazakhstan in 1992, where decided to use his knowledge in peaceful purposes...sat on the motorcycle and drive to watch the country..

In fact. The Founder of the SilkOFFRoad. A good guide-driver. Perfectly oriented to the terrain. Can provide first aid in under any extreme conditions. Spoken English.

Marat Luchezarnyi (Mara)

He was born and grew up in a family of a army officer, thus he has accustomed to the nomad way of life from his childhood. He lived in different places of Russia, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzia and Kazakhstan. He graduated the Almaty University, Juridical Faculty. He worked at the juridical firm, but soon has understood, that his hot nomad’s soul cannot bear and suffer any more in a comfortable arm-chair in a warm office. He bought a motorcycle .. sat down on the motorcycle .. and not returned to the offic.

In fact - Founder of the Silk OFF ROAD. The group leader on the motorcycle. Sometimes a jep guide-driver . He is the creator of all SilkOFFRoad routes. Spoken English.

In live he loves to travel on a motorcycle, and explorer new routes. Loves wife, son and daughte.

 Arseniy Makarenko

 At 12 he understood famous saying that two   wheels carries a soul. After trying to find himself     at a  different types of business - hadn't find himself anywhere except motorbikes and road. Being  involved  in Central Asia tourism for more than 10 years - easy to hop on the bike and ride until the     sunset and  over.
In fact- Director of Kyrgyz department of Silk OFF ROAD. Moto team-lieder and moto-guide. Feels         himself comfortable in any extreme conditions. Spoken English.
  Anton Gabchenko (Antonio)
Anton  had a lot of different profession until he went on SilkOffRoad tour as a mechanic. Since then, it   remains a mechanic. Higher technical education. And the best auto and motorcycle mechanic in Central Asia.
In fact mechanic of SilkOffRoad. Sometimes tour leader on the bike.     
Good husband and father. Has a son.